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About Me

I wasn't so much born, but just appeared in a sauna deep in Greer, South Carolina, and then was immediately rushed to the Grove Park Inn Spa, by an astroturf covered limo, for some coconut water, green juice, and a massage. 


One of my earliest memories was begging my dad to take me to a local event center for a franchise expo. We sat in on a travel agency give their pitch, and i knew right then and there, that i would wait 27 years to pursue my passion.


I took many other paths that gave me unique experiences to become a Wanderlust Advisor.  I have specialized in startup businesses in various areas ranging from Photo/Video Production, Website design, Online Marketing, Promotion & E-Commerce, to services such as People Transportation, Mobile Advertising & Food Delivery, as well as Seasonal Businesses such as Christmas Trees, Fireworks, and Boiled Pnuts. 

I am super passionate about travel and although i haven't been everywhere, its definitely on my list! I've hiked half the Appalachian Trail, ridden a moped across Virginia on Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway, spent decades in the Caribbean, been to Stonehenge, driven across the country and back, fly fished in Alaska and have made friends with strangers in airports all over the world during layovers on international flights.

I am outgoing (and love going out), love traveling, playing golf and putt-putt, ping pong and tennis, experiencing new people and places, as well as sharing others excitement and enthusiasm… especially for travel. I never pass up a chance to catch an amazing Sunrise/Sunset, phenomenal food and drinks, and absolutely love going to spas. 

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